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If you are thinking of moving into a Freedom Care Community, there are a number of costs to consider:

  • The Purchase Price of Your Home
  • Weekly Fees
  • Deferred Management Fee (DMF)

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The Purchase Price of Your Home

When you purchase a Freedom property, you are purchasing a long-term lease that allows you to reside in your chosen unit or apartment. We don’t offer rental properties. Your Freedom Sales Consultant can explain this further.

Weekly Service Fees

Service Fees are single weekly payments that contribute to the operating costs of a community.

Just like when you live outside a community, you need to pay for things like council rates, gardening, cleaning and so on. Service Fees cover things like utilities for communal areas, community management and administration, meal preparation (excluding food costs), cleaning of communal areas, and maintenance and transport services, such as the Freedom community bus*, to help you get around.

Service Fees operate on a cost-recovery basis. We don’t profit from them. Instead, all Service Fees are put back into the services we provide to ensure our communities are well maintained.

Weekly Meals Fee

Meal Fees are single weekly payments that are put towards buying wholesome and nutritious food for our residents.

Freedom Care Communities employ chefs to freshly prepare delicious meals for morning/afternoon tea, lunch and dinner. Friends and family are always welcome to join you.

Alternatively, you can use your own kitchen or kitchenette to prepare food to enjoy on your own or with friends and family.

Weekly Care-related Fees

There are two care options to choose from:

Freedom Care Program (“FCP”)
The FCP rate is based on the projected annual cost of providing care to all FCP residents at your community, less any government subsidies available to support the care needs of individual residents who have joined the FCP.

Find out more about the Freedom Care Program > >

Fee for Service Care
A fee-for-service care contract is essentially a pay-as-you-go program. Costs can increase quickly if care needs arise as residents become more vulnerable.

Care Access Fee: A resident who moves into a Freedom Care Community and chooses not to join the FCP will be required to pay a Care Access Fee under a User Pays Agreement. This will cover the cost of resident services that are normally covered by the FCP, such as lifestyle programs and health assessments.

Home Care Funding

It is a requirement for all residents who are entitled to government-funded home care to access it as soon as reasonably possible after entering a Freedom Care Community, or as soon as the need for funding (and the ability to meet eligibility criteria) emerges. Freedom Care staff are happy to assist you with this. Veterans may also be eligible for DVA Community Nursing.

Deferred Management Fee (DMF)

The Deferred Management Fee (DMF) allows you to move into a Freedom Care Community and benefit from the communal facilities, management and services. The fee is deferred and deducted when you sell your home, or transfer to another Aveo Retirement Community, Freedom Care Community, Serviced Apartment or Residential Aged Care living option.

The DMF, which is one of our only forms of income, is used to ensure we can continue to provide the level of lifestyle our residents enjoy now, and into the future.

To find out more about costs and funding options, please call 1800 073 604 to arrange an obligation-free appointment with one of our friendly Sales Consultants.

*Available at selected communities.

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